Hello (2022)

Hello 2022 Upcoming New Life Korean Movie in May

Hello 2022 is an Upcoming Korean Movie (2022). Hello (2022) cast Kim Hwan Hee, Yoo Sun, Lee Soon Jae. Hello 2022 Release Date: May 2022. Hello.

Hello 2022 Overview

Hello (2022)

  • Movie: Hello (2022)
    Director: Cha Bong Joo
    Main Stars: Kim Hwan Hee, Yoo Sun, Lee Soon Jae
    Country: South Korean
    Genres: Movie
    Language: Korean
    Release Date: May 2022
    Season: 1
    Also Known As: Annyeonghaseyo, Annyeonhaseyo, 안녕하세요, Hello 2022, Good Morning

Hello 2022

Hello 2022 Synopsis & Plot Summary

The story of the Hello (2022) Upcoming Korean Movie is about a future in which women run the show and men are just around to eat, cook, and clean. All the men are controlled by their wives, but one day a young man finds an old computer that can delete everything about the future and bring them back to today.

The main male character figures out that he can get out of all trouble. He is in takes advantage of this opportunity and gets away from his wife who wants him to be her servant at home all day long.

Hello 2022 Upcoming New Life Korean
A humane drama concerning the varied stories that occur in a hospice ward within which a young lady named Soo Mi is looking forward to death. Soo Mi, who is abandoned at birth and has nobody in life she will be able to rely on.
When gritting her teeth and fighting for her own survival, she begins to seek out a bit little bit of hope and growth.
Seo Jin is a single mother who misses her female offspring. She lost her daughter 5 years agone and works as a volunteer at the hospice ward to endure her grief. In-Soo, a previous man who is learning Hangeul so as to learn the way to categorize himself before his close at hand death.
Hello 2022 Upcoming

Who are the Casts of Hello 2022 Movie?

  • Kim Hwan Hee as Soo Mi
  • Yoo Sun as Seo Jin
  • Lee Soon Jae as In Soo
  • Song Jae Rim as Yoon Bit
  • Park Hyun Sook as Seon Ah
  • Lee Yoon Ji as Jin Ah
  • Kim Si Eun as Hee Sun
  • Cha Geon Woo as Gi Han
  • Oh Dong Min as Unknown
  • Yoon Joo Man as Unknown
  • Min Kyung Ok as Unknown
  • Im Hyung Tae as Unknown

Hello 2022

Where to Watch Full Trailor of Hello (2022) Movie?

You can Watch The Hello (2022) Upcoming Korean Movie in May on Dramacoolsk.Asia Website for free.

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