Hot Blooded (2022)

Hot Blooded 2022 Reviews, Release Date & Watch Online

Hot Blooded 2022 Reviews, Release Date & Watch, Hot Blooded 2022 & 2023 Movie Reviews, Release Date & News – Hot-blooded 2022 is a culmination of the many lessons learned by Jackson and his remarkable team in the making of the critically acclaimed Twenty 20 series. A sequel to 2022 with Jackson starring as himself and the rest of the cast appearing as themselves.

A man born and raised in the outskirts of Busan gets involved in a gangster war for survival.


Hot Blooded 2022 Reviews, Release


Hot Blooded 2022 Overview

  • Movie The Hot Blooded 2022
    Director: Cheon Myeong Kwan
    Writer: Cheon Myeong Kwan
    Main Stars: Jung Woo, Kim Gab Soo, Choi Moo Sung
    Country: South Korean
    Genres: Action, Crime, Movie
    The Language: Korean
    Public Release Release Date 23 March 2022
    Season: 1
    Additionally known as the Boiling Blood , Ddeugeoun Pi, ddeugeoun Pi, Hot Blooded 2022

Hot Blooded 2022 Synopsis & Plot Summary

A man who was raised in the suburbs of Busan becomes caught up in a criminal war to survive.

Kuam is a dirty port town that lies in the shadow of the magnificent port city Busan. Hee-su is a gangster of third rate who has been posing as the hotel director under Don Son for 20 years. It appears as if out of thin air, Yong Kang has fled the country in search of being suspected of being a murderer, comes back home and starts causing trouble throughout the city and this only adds more pressure on Hee-su.
“Drugs? Port? What’s happening?”

When he finally gets to, he’s caught in the middle of all this chaos. What are the best choices he can take to save his miserable soul?


Hot Blooded 2022 Reviews, Release Date


Hot Blooded 2022 Cast

  • Jung Woo as Hee-Soo
  • Kim Gab Soo as Elder Son
  • Choi Moo Sung as Yong Kang
  • Yoon Ji Hyeas In Sook
  • Jung Young Joo as Support Role
  • Hyun Bong Shik as Support Role
  • Oh Ji Young as Hotel Madame
  • Kim Hyun Myung as Support Role
  • Cha Soon as Support Role in Support Roll
  • Baek Soo Hee as Support Role
  • Lee Sung Woo as Support Role
  • Lee Hong Naeas Army
  • Sung Nak Kyung as Ho Joong
  • Ji Seung Hyun as Support Role
  • Hwang Jung Yoon as Casino dealer
  • Jung Gi Sub as Support Role
  • Kim Joo Hee as a Bit part
  • Lee Ha Joo as the Girlfriend of A Mi’s Gang member

Where You Can Watch Hot Blooded 2022?

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Hot Blooded 2022 Reviews, Release Date & Watch

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