Spring Day (2022) Movie

Spring Day 2022 Movie Review: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

If you would like to know the release date for Spring Day 2022, and where to watch this movie, then read on for all of the details Spring Day 2022 Movie.

Spring Day 2022 Overview

Film: Spring Day (2022)
Director: Lee Don Ku
Main Stars: Son Hyun Joo, Park Hyuk Kwon, Jung Suk Yong
Country: South Korean
Genres Movie
Korean Language: Korean
Version Release Date April 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Spring in December , December Spring , 12wolui Bom , 12woleui Bom , Bomnal , 12weolyi bom, bomnal, Spring Day 2022


Spring Day 2022


Spring Day 2022 Synopsis & Plot Summary

Ho Sung become once a influential judge for a criminal boss. After eight years, he’s been released from jail and is now facing his relatives. The older sister Jong Sung is the troublemaker in the family. Ho Sung’s wife Eun Ok and son Dong Hyeok have a lot to be ashamed of his actions.

In the meantime, Ho Sung should now create a brand new business planthat will require funds. To do this, he is planning to collect condolence funds from the guests attending the funeral of his father. The events don’t go as smoothly the way Ho Sung plans. Two rival gangs show up at the the same date.


Spring Day 2022

Spring Day 2022 Casts

  • Son Hyun Joo as Ho Seong
  • Park Hyuk Kwon as Jong Seong
  • Jung Suk Yong as Yang Hee
  • Park So Jin as Eun Ok
  • Sung Nam as Mun Gyo
  • Jung Ji Hwan as Support Role
  • Son Assist as a Support Role


Spring Day 2022


Where You Can Watch Spring Day 2022 Movie?

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