The Bad Guys (2022)

The Bad Guys 2022 Review Love Future Watch

The Bad Guys 2022 Review Love Future Watch is releasing soon on 22 April officially. You can enjoy The Bad Guys (2022) Movie Brace yourself because The Bad Guys 2022 is coming to theaters.

The Bad Guys 2022 Overview

The Bad Guys (2022)


The Bad Guys 2022


The Bad Guys 2022 Synopsis & Plot Summary

In the new action-comedy from DreamWorks Animation, based on the new york Times popular book series, a crackerjack criminal crew of animal outlaws is close to trying their most difficult con yet–becoming model citizens. ne’er have there been 5 friends as ill-famed because the dangerous Guys–dashing thief Mr. Wolf (Academy Award® winner SAM Rockwell, 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), seen-it-all stealer Mr. Snake (Marc Maron, GLOW), chill master-of-disguise Mr.
Shark (Craig Robinson, tub machine franchise), short-fused “muscle” Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos, within the Heights), and sharp-tongued knowledgeable hacker Ms. Tarantula (Awkwafina, Crazy wealthy Asians), aka “Webs.
” However when once years of infinite heists and being the globe’s most-wanted villains, the gang is finally caught, Mr. Wolf brokers a deal (that he has no intention of keeping) to save all of them from prison: The Bad Guys 2022
The dangerous Guys can go sensible. beneath the tutelage of their mentor prof preserve (Richard Ayoade, Paddington 2), a self-important (but adorable!) guinea pig,
The dangerous Guys started to fool the world that they’d been transformed. on the way, though, Mr. Wolf begins to suspect that doing good for real might provide him with what he’s perpetually in secret longed for acceptance. therefore when a new villain threatens the city, will Mr. Wolf persuade the rest of the gang to become… the nice Guys?
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Who are the Casts of The Bad Guys 2022 Movie?

Main Role:

  1. Sam Rockwell

    Mr. Wolf (voice)

  2. Marc Maron

    Mr. Snake (voice)

  3. Craig Robinson

    Mr. Shark (voice)

  4. Anthony Ramos

    Mr. Piranha (voice)

  5. Awkwafina

    Ms. Tarantula (voice)

  6. Richard Ayoade

    Professor Marmalade (voice)

  7. Zazie Beetz

    Diane Foxington (voice)

  8. Lilly Singh

    Tiffany Fluffit (voice)

  9. Alex Borstein

    Police Chief Misty Luggins (voice)

  10. Barbara Goodson

    Old Lady (voice)

  11. Walt Dohrn


The Bad Guys


Where to Watch Full Trailor of The Bad Guys (2022) Movie?

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