The Goblin (2022)

The Goblin 2022 Upcoming Action Revenge Movie

The Goblin 2022 is a Korean Action, Crime, and Movie. The Goblin cast: Jo Dong Hyuk, Lee Wan, I’m Jung Eun. The Goblin Release Date: May 2022.

The Goblin 2022 Overview

The Goblin (2022)

  • Movie: The Goblin (2022)
    Main Stars: Jo Dong Hyuk, Lee Wan, Im Jung Eun
    Genres: Action, Crime, Movie
    Country: South Korea
    Language: Korean
    Release Date: May 2022
    Season: 1
    Also Known As: Pineun Mulboda Jinhada, 피는 물보다 진하다, The Goblin 2022

The Goblin 2022 Synopsis & Plot Summary

Doo Hyeon, who’s going via way of means of the decision the “Goblin”, goes to jail for taking the autumn for Yeong Min who killed their boss. Released after 10 years, Doo Hyeon was dwelling a normal life, until he determined out Yeong Min had been taking advantage of his name “Goblin”. Yeong Min goes so far as to kidnap Doo Hyeon’s daughter to hold his mouth close. Enraged, Doo Hyeon seeks revenge and declares the go back of the real “Goblin”.

The Goblin 2022

Who are the Casts of The Goblin 2022 Movie?

  • Jo Dong Hyuk as Doo Hyeon
  • Lee Wan as Yeong Min
  • I’m Jung Eun as a Support Role
  • Yoon Chul Hyung as Support Role
  • Kim Kang Il as Support Role
  • Choi Ki Seob as Support Role
  • Kim Gil Dong as Support Role
  • Gam So Hyun as Support Role
  • Jang Eun Seo as Support Role
  • Oh Man Suk as Support Role

Where to Watch Full Trailor of The Goblin 2022 Movie?

You can Watch The Goblin (2022) Trailor on Netflix

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