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The Sound of Magic 2022 is a Korean Drama. The Sound of Magic 2022 cast: Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, Hwang In Yeop. The Sound of Magic Release Date: 6 May 2022. The Sound of Magic Episodes: 6.

the sound of magic

The Sound of Magic 2022 Overview

  • Drama: The Sound of Magic (2022)
    Network: Netflix
    Director: Kim Seong Yoon
    Writer: Kim Min Jung
    Main Stars: Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, Hwang In Yeop
    Genres: Drama
    Country: South Korea
    Language: Korean
    Release Date: 6 May 2022
    Season: 1
    Episodes: 6
    Also Known As: Annalasumanala, Annarasumanara, 안나라수마나라, The Sound of Magic 2022

The Sound of Magic 2022 Synopsis & Plot Summary

Yoon Ah Lolo is an associate degree excessive college scholar, however, she supports herself and her younger sister with the help of running component-time jobs. She doesn’t acknowledge whereby her folk’s area unit. Her father become pushed far from home thanks to debt collectors and her mamma then left home. Even with her negative financial state of affairs, she is capable of ranking close to the highest in her college academically.

She to boot incorporates a quiet look. Yoon Ah Lolo wishes to return to be an associate degree grownup as shortly as possible to own a stable activity. Meanwhile, her schoolmate is metallic element Il Deung. He frequently competes with Yoon Ah Lolo to amass the head grade.


However, they begin to own emotions completely differently. One day, Yoon Ah Lolo meets magician Lee Eul at an associate degree abandoned recreation park. He puts on magic shows to those that inform him they settle for as true within magic. he’s a mysterious person, but he comforts Yoon Ah Lolo, WHO is aware that she believes in magic.


The Sound of Magic 2022

Who are the Casts of  The Sound of Magic 2022 Tv Show?

  • Ji Chang Wook as Lee Eul
  • Choi Sung Eun as Yun Ai
  • Hwang In Yeop as Na Il Deung
  • Nam Da Reum as Lee Eul Young
  • Hong Seo Hee as Ji Soo Young
  • Yoo Jae Myung as Il Deung’s father

The Sound of Magic 2022 tv show

Where to Watch Full Trailor of The Sound of Magic (2022) Tv Show?

You can Watch The Sound of Magic (2022) Trailor on Netflix

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