Yaksha: Ruthless Operations 2022

Yaksha Ruthless Operations 2022

Yaksha Ruthless Operations 2022

Yaksha Ruthless Operations 2022

Title: Yaksha: Ruthless Operations / Yacha / 야차

Director: Na Hyeon

Writer: Na Hyeon, Ahn SangHoon

Network: Netflix

Runtime: From April 8

Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure

Language: Korean

Yaksha Ruthless Operations 2022 Movie Synopsis

Kangin, also known as Yaksha, falls victim to a horrific attack at the beginning of the film. Yaksha disappears after killing the treacherous agent who put him in danger We meet South Korean prosecutor JiHoon, who is trying to convict Chairman Lee, the CEO of a large international corporation, on tax fraud charges.

Unfortunately, JiHoon makes a crucial mistake in his trial, leaving Lee free and relegating DA to a boring section of National Intelligence. Service Office (NIS).JiHoon volunteers for a trip to the besieged city of Shenyang, which borders North Korea, for redeployment. Due to its proximity to North Korea, Shenyang is a hotbed of spies from all over the world.

JiHoon is tasked with finding out why the South Korean government’s intelligence agency in Shenyang published false reports. The involuntary prosecutor finds himself at the center of an armed conflict shortly after arriving in the city. Under these turbulent conditions, he meets Yaksha, the renegade boss of
, South Korea’s intelligence agency in Shenyang. After initially being ignored, JiHoon convinces Yaksha that he means business, with the latter revealing the situation. All of the spy agencies in Shenyang are eager to capture Moon, a North Korean defector responsible for the multi-million dollar wealth of the totalitarian Kim family.

JiHoon believes that the Shenyang agents want the money for themselves as they have doubts about the goals of Yaksha and his devoted team. When Moon is found dead and his daughter, in possession of a crucial secret, is arrested by Japanese intelligence led by Super Agent Ozawa in, a larger conspiracy ensues.

From afar it can be seen that Yaksha and Ozawa have a longstanding feud, including a horrific attack on the former four years ago. With Moon’s daughter in Ozawa’s possession, Yaksha and his team, including JiHoon, devise a plan to free her from the Japanese embassy.

After successfully completing the job, Moon’s daughter reveals that her father gave her a list of undercover agents from around the world. the world that she put on a remote server that only she has access to.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations 2022

“Yaksha: Ruthless Operations” is an action film that features a close battle between the NIS black ops team led by their leader named “Yacha” in Shenyang, China, the largest battlefield for spies, a special prosecutor, and agents of various intelligence agencies. The film stars Sol KyungGu, Park HaeSoo, Yang DongGeun, EL, Song JaeRim and JinYoung from GOT7.

Sol Kyung-gu has mainly appeared in films such as The Book Of Fish, Man Of Men,
Birthday and was in the 1999 drama Happy Together. Park HaeSoo has recently starred in the dramas Chimera. Squid Game, Racket Boys, Prison Playbook and appear in the Korean adaptation of Money Heist.

Actors Yang DongGeun aka rapper YDG (“Lost”, “Awaken”, “365: Repeat The Year”, “My Fellow Citizens”) and Song JaeRim (“Work Later, Drink Now”, “How To Be Thirty”, ” Let Me Hear Your Song”) along with
GOT7’s JinYoung (“Yumi’s Cells”, “The Devil Judge”, “When My Love Blooms”, and “Melting Me Softly”) will also be the male leads of this drama. Finally, the EL actress who has starred in dramas Dr.Brain, When The Devil Calls Your Name, Matrimonial Chaos, and Ambergris will also star in this drama. Here you will find more information.

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What Happens in Yaksha Ruthless Operations 2022 at the End of the Story?

JiHoon was sent to Seoul and reinstated as a prosecutor. Most importantly, upon his return, he will be allowed to resume his failed investigation into President Lee. As a result of Ozawa’s list, various agents and devastating transactions are discovered at Lee’s company. publicly.

The film ends happily because the public prosecutor finally succeeds in bringing the cocky boss to justice. As evidenced by Yaksha’s reputation, JiHoon seems to have developed a penchant for
violent espionage missions.

The prosecutor claims he’ll need JiHoon’s help to bring down a particularly sinister villain, and the prosecutor seems ready to help. It’s unclear how JiHoon will balance his duties as a prosecutor and potential secret agent, but it looks like our hero got some rule-breaking tips from Yaksha.

Where to watch Yaksha Ruthless Operations 2022 on the internet?

Yaksha Ruthless Operations 2022  airs on Netflix and is available to all viewers who subscribe. In its home country Korea it’s an JTBC original. also watch here Dramacoolsk.asia


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